Free Open source support from your desk

For those looking for help on computer related issues, why not try The website bears some resemblance with Skype's website.

Indeed, relies on Instant messaging (Jabber in this case) rather than any other mode of communication. Its modus operandi is quite simple and more importantly, it is free

Enter a term in their search engine (including Linux and Open source), a list of experts is then displayed; they are online and available to talk. You then request a chat and of course, they will try to solve it.

While QUNU's idea is interesting, there are a couple of problems that will confine it to the fringes of customer support segment.

One, alternative solutions like Yahoo Answers exist without having to to get your IM working.

Two, using QUNU implies that your computer and your internet connection are working; however, a significant number of support request are internet related.

Three, unlike say Yahoo or Skype, QUNU still has to build up a massive userbase before trying to people to use it.