Net Neutrality defeated in the US, what it means to us (Part 1)

As we stand right now, many things on the Internet are going to change.

Because the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives said a massive ‘no’ to the concept of Net neutrality, the ripples of uncertainty are going to impact the rest of the world.

From EBay to Google, all the big Internet companies have been lobbying to make sure that the Net Neutrality amendment, something that we had hitherto taken for granted, was included in federal laws.

They failed to do so last Thursday and we may now have to live in an Internet changed forever.

By proposing a premium internet, they are effectively closing the door on services (like Youtube or that might have been free for internet users.

Expect bandwidth prices to go up, software vendors like Onspeed to thrive, bandwidth compression solutions to be even more popular and web 2.0 to be seriously slowed.

EBay sent one million emails to its customers asking them to help them and you can bet that they did not do it out of the blue. This bill, as it has been passed, must be seriously flawed.