Update on Microsoft's WinFS

WinFS, which promised to be a radical new file system that was originally going to ship with Longhorn/Vista is apparently now even further on the back burner.

It's been nearly a year since I wrote my entry about WinFS Beta1, but rest assured, we have been working furiously since then. Today I have an update about how we are delivering some of the WinFS technologies. It represents a change to our original delivery strategy, but it's a change that we think that you'll like based on the feedback that we've received.

Link here (via /.).

Three years ago, we were on the brink of getting into the enterprise storage management space with a pretty killer product, but decided not to because “WinFS was just around the corner”. Ooops. (What the heck, it was probably for the best, as enterprise storage management is a pretty rough place to be these days.)