Finally, a working solution for ADSL bonding

Regular readers might remember that I wrote a post on ADSL bonding earlier this year.

Basically, bonding is combining two lines transparently, that is, the computer sees the two lines as one.

Someone from Automatehome actually came up with a solution combining three ADSL lines and used an old computer to do the job of the router.

Note that (a) this solution is designed to work in the UK and that it might not work elsewhere and (b) it seems that the number of lines is dependent on the number of free PCI slots (to plug in your modem).

The initial outlay is a cool £723+VAT and you will have to pay a monthly rate of £111+VAT.

Is it worth the investment? Well, you will get three phone lines, ideal for offices, three lines with a theoretical combined transfer speed of 24MB and caps of 135GB peak and 900GB off peak.

That's the theory, in practice, speeds of 2Mbps upload and 3 to 6.5Mbps downloads were obtained plus surprisingly, not all broadband providers will be eager to provide you with such facilities.