Four big mobile phone manufacturers back Linux

Four big mobile phone manufacturers have announced their plans to develop a common Linux-based platform dedicated to the mobile market.

That will surely ring some bells at Microsoft Headquarters where Windows Mobile will be pitted against this platform.

But don't expect the corporate and home computer manufacturers to come with a similar project. This is because the x86 hardware and software sectors are too segmented.

Compare that to the mobile phone markets where there are fewer manufacturers and larger number of phones being sold.

This makes the market more homogeneous and therefore radical changes (like moving from GSM to 3G) are much easier.

What's interesting is that they want to go beyond using Linux as an OS and basically extend the platform to encompass the whole superstructure, effectively creating a more coherent environment.

Ultimately, the creation of such a platform stems from the need to reduce the cost of production and for quicker time to market