The Great CD Giveaway

I went to an IT show the other day. To be honest I had not been to a cracking IT show for years, as they seemed to have lost their edge a bit due to reduced spending and generally falling out of favour.

When I was walking around I ran the gauntlet of some scantily clad ladies all desperate for my attention as no doubt they found me wildly attractive, until I discovered they were handing out free DVDs and were only bothered about hitting their quota for the day.

I took one of the CDs and brought it home, as it apparently contained a bunch of whitepapers and marketing materials from a well known vendor. Anyone that knows us writer types will know we have a huge appetite for such things as they can be quite educational.

Of course it wasn’t until I got home and unpacked the DVD that I realised what a dolt I was about to become. Luckily I did not put the DVD into my machine as quite frankly I would not trust that this DVD was free from malware.

What I do have is a shiny new coaster with “Don’t be a dolt” written on it.