Google leaps ahead of search engine race

A few days ago, Comscore Networks (whose job is about monitoring the internet) published the rankings for the US market search engines.

Year on year figures saw an impressive increase for Google which was the only company to improve its market share with a substantial 6.6%. At this rate, Google will shatter the 50% barrier before Christmas

Google is now ahead of its nearest competitor Yahoo and larger than Yahoo and Microsoft search sites combined.

Amongst other feats noted by the survey is the fact that alternative sites like social networking outfit Myspace have now emerged as search websites. Although it took a small 0.7% of the US market share, it is actually progressing rather than decreasing.

Searching is becoming an even more popular sport with Americans searching online more than 240 million times a day.

Finally, there is a growing use of toolbars as search start points as Google and Yahoo easily dominate the market with a total market share of more than 95%.