One working solution for wireless ADSL bonding

No sooner had I posted an article on the three ADSL bonding solution that I found out another simpler version on digg.

This one bypasses the purchase of specialised ADSL modems (which is what makes the initial outlay so expensive) and uses Wingate software rather than a Linux based distribution.

However, it has yet to be tested in the UK. But it makes easy out-of-the-box bonding a real possibility.

Using a cheap standalone computer with Windows 2003 server and Wingate, one can envision a cheap broadband solution using five Be lines to reach a theoretical downstream speed of 120Mbps with uploads of 6.5Mbps.

Guess what? You will also get discounts for buying in bulk (using the “refer a friend” opportunity) as well as five wireless Be Box modems.

All this would cost you approximately £180 per month, VAT inclusive. That's not that bad if you consider that Be does not have any bandwidth limit other than an acceptable usage policy.