Text messaging used as Internet lure for unsuspecting surfers

The latest way for hackers to remotely gain access to users' PCs is now text messages, according to newswire reports in the US.

Apparently, whilst PC users are cynical enough to reject emails which try to entice them to malware-laden new Web sites, if a mobile phone users gets a text message, they are likely to be more responsive.

Especially if that text message includes a warning that the mobile phone user has subscribed to an online dating service - with subscription charges being charged to their mobile phone account!

As you might expect, the text message includes a URL for the user to unsubscribe to avoid the subscription charges.

According to Computer Associates, the IT security software vendor, in the instances it has seen, the URL points to a Web site rigged with Win32/Bambo.CF, a Trojan horse program used by ID thieves to hijack sensitive user information.

Computer Associates reports that, whilst the Web site does not attempt to exploit any software flaws, it encourages users to click a `run' button on each warning page, providing an easy way around the Internet Explorer security warning prompt...