Make Linux more resource hungry to compete with Vista

Robin Miller posits that Linux should put on weight rather than losing some in order to compete with Windows Vista.

He thinks that it would be a good thing for Linux to be more hardware demanding so that PC vendors would bundle it with new computers instead or rather on top of Windows Vista.

When you think about it, it does make sense. The urge to upgrade is one of the most powerful reasons for a new computer but if you get a Linux distribution which can run on your old Pentium 3 computer, then, the need for a brand new PC disappears, which is not what Dell or HP look for.

But rather than just add eye-candy, it would make even more sense to add real value to the operating system. Until now, there has been a tendency for many Linux distributions to try and imitate Windows for example.

It would make much more sense if you could build functionality that the user will find actually use. One example is the desktop search category which might be resource-hungry but is becoming more and more prevalent.