HSBC - data protection legislation, what's that?

I was rather less than amused to hear that HSBC's PR wiffle was proven to be the pathetic posturing and spin-doctoring that it really was this week after the bank was hit by an Indian call centre scam.

If HSBC is to be believed (and that's a big if -Ed) a single call centre operative master-minded the extraction of cash from a small number of customer accounts using a modus operandi that the bank has not revealed.

The bank claims that it discovered the scam during its routine audits, but we have no independent confirmation of this.

If the scam had occurred at one of HSBC's UK call centrs, then it's a fair bet that the bank would today be on the receiving end of an investigation surrounding a possible breach of UK and/or EU data protection legislation.

But because the incident occurred in India, there's no such investigation.

Just spin. That's really not good enough HSBC and you know it...