HP and Verizon top the list of worldwide IT companies in Business Week

Businessweek online posted a list of the top Info Tech 100 which represents the Top 100 performers in the IT sector worldwide, based on financial data from Standard and Poor's.

The table produced can be sorted and displayed interactively, which provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the sector. This gives rise to a few surprises.

For example, Dell, the biggest computer manufacturer ranks last as far as Shareholders' return is concerned with an 'impressive' -36.43, more than twice the next worse performer, Yahoo. The number one in this category is High Tech Computer, a well known manufacturer of mobile and smart phones.

It comes as no surprises that Microsoft brings in the most money with profits of $13.5 bln. USA has 7 of the world's biggest IT computers with HP being the largest computers and peripherals and Verizon Communications the biggest telecommunications company.

There's also a good showdown by emerging countries like Turkey, Russia, India and Indonesia. China hasn't yet got a top IT 100 company although one has to wonder where Foxconn and Asus are.