Australian Government sheds away Open source filtering solutions to spend $86 million

You might remember that Barclays has given away free software in a bid to combat fraud and phishing. The software, F-Secure Antivirus is one of the better packages on the market.

Now, the Australian government has announced that it is going to give away free porn filtering software to all the country's family, spending $86 million in the process.

Beyond the fact that filtering software are far from being perfect and therefore could end up being ineffective, the Australian government could have used this money to finance an open source replacement or better still, a free DVD containing open source software to all families in Australia.

There are at least seven projects that fall in the ‘parental control’ category on Sourceforge. The parental control suit of applications control and monitors a child access whereas easyOS is actually a visually attractive front end for Windows XP.

PHPBrowser and the Secure Internet Connection are also worthy candidates for the $86 million project. Obviously, the best solution might be to get the Australians themselves to check all of them and decide which one suits their needs.