E7even : The end of the saga

I've talked about my e7even woes several times in my blog. Customer service: an example of what not to do, E7even, nearly the end… and “Customer service : an example of what not to do” - The Return.

Now it really seems that e7even's journey comes to an end as it announced that it will no longer be providing ADSL service as from the beginning of July 2006.

A wholesale internet service provider called 186K has taken over the customers of e7even UK limited which effectively turns out to be a customer-less ISP.

E7even's case (and to a lesser extent what is happening to Bulldog broadband), illustrates all too well what about the sad state of affairs in the UK broadband sector. You can read more about it in a post entitled "UK Broadband heading straight for the cliff?".

Competing on price alone can only bring misery. This is particularly true when more and more providers are announcing that broadband will soon be free.

Having now moved to Be (which offers 24Mbps line for £22 per month), I can only pray, like hundreds of others, that I get my money back from e7even.

In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to know more about what is happening (especially concerning refunds and moving services), I advise you to go to the relevant category in ADSLguide's forum.