How much for my Reputation?

Talking to CxOs about the security market I am often asked for examples of security issues and likely costs to businesses. Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly easy to find headlines of large entities being “done” with massive damage to their reputations

This week the Nebraska child support payment computer system, based in the US, was hacked allowing the miscreant access to 300,000 people that pay and receive child support. Apparently the mode of access was via a backup server. One can only assume that it was not as secure as the operational server and the 40 minute violation resulted in a virus being planted. No data was reported to have been stolen

So another reputation has been tarnished. I neither knew of or particularly cared about the Nebraska child support payment system until now, but here they are in the hall of tarnished reputation fame.

Good news for the hacker(s) is that the State Patrol are investigating.


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