Microsoft is at the managerial crossroads

Read Jack Schofield's account of what is happening at Microsoft and you will come to understand that Microsoft is at the crossroads.

As Bill Gates decides to leave the company to dedicate more time to philanthropic activities, the Guardian's writer depicts today's Microsoft as the modern day equivalent to a 'prehistoric monster wrestling in tar-pits'.

Microsoft grew to become the largest software company and at the same time, the biggest software management maze ever. Mr Schofield refers to the Philip Su's blog entry on how Windows Vista's birth was a complicated and marred by too much 'micro management'.

Beyond the fact that such grand software projects are becoming more and more difficult to bring to fruition in time, within budget and with the initial set of features, Schofield tries to understand why this happens and how Microsoft, will evolve, just like some dinosaurs morphed into more adaptable animals.

He also points to another ‘dinosaur’, IBM, whose CEO had overseen the gradual change from a hardware manufacturer to a service provider.