Say hello to next-generation banking trojans

Like most readers of this column, I seem to get quite a lot of phishing emails from scamsters trying to con me into revealing my online bank details.

Well, now it seems the scamsters have moved on to a whole new ballgame, with banking trojan programs that are capable of siphoning dosh from your bank accounts directly and in real time.

According to Joe Stewart, a senior security researcher with LURHQ, the current crop of second generation banking Trojans - which have been around for a couple of years - are targeted and come pre-packaged looking for specific information to automatically steal.

But, says Stewart, the third generation of banking Trojans provides for the automation of user activities, meaning that the program can act on the data you supply, and execute a bank transfer on its own.

This latest threat, says Stewart, was spotted after he set up a fake user environment to reverse-engineer a banking trojan and work out how it operated...