Abandon Ship or Windows Says Sophos

The Register reports that security software vendor, Sophos has advised for home computer users to abandon the Windows operating system and switch to the Macintosh Operating System for the sake of their safety online. This is on the same day, ironically, that I bought a new laptop PC for my daughter because the Macintosh is twice the price!

This advice formed part of a report detailing the main trends in malicious software so far this year. The main finding was that all of the top ten threats to online users targeted the Windows environment.

Other forms of malware, viruses and worms now appear to be in decline, with one in 91 emails being a virus, this year, down from one in 35 at the same time in 2005.

Trojans in circulation are rising as is the overall level of malware. Sophos says Trojans account for 82 per cent of new threats, and outnumber new viruses by four to one. This reflects a shift in focus of the average online baddie from mischief making, to stealing money and potentially profitable information.