Free Linux help provider Qunu answers our Questions

Qunu's Murray Gray posted a comment regarding the article I wrote on Qunu. He points out to the fact that as a help-seeker you do not need to have an IM working but you need to if you are providing help and advice. A similar model has been setup by Livechat.

Qunu has been a runaway success with over 1100 experts already signed up, more than 4000 sessions 'donated' and an average of 1750 searches every day. That's for a start.

One thing that is also quite interesting to see is that ‘how they intend to make money?’ This came out as the top question in their Frequently Asked Questions section.

It would be an excellent idea if they could strike a deal with Dell to push their services on a Linux-equipped machine. Imagine connecting your Linux computer to the internet and almost instantaneously getting someone from Qunu to help you and hold your hand.

That would probably cost them much less than having dedicated support teams and would allow quite a few geeks to earn some side money easily. Perhaps, a joint venture with Ether might help?