Nebraska - where the hackers hang out

Back in my mis-spent computer youth (that was the 1980s -Ed) I used to hang out on the Arpanet, the forerunner to the Internet, accessing via a telnet session on CompuServe.

One of the most popular tech chatrooms was the Nebraska Outboard, which was actually a Nebraska-based BBS plugged into the Arpanet via a low-speed leased line.

I was therefore quite intrigued to read about a hacker who broke into the state of Nebraska's child support computer system and gained unauthorised access to the names, Social Security numbers and other data on around 300,000 people and 9,000 employers.

According to local news reports, the hacker gained access in late June and his/her IP address has been traced back to Australia. When the hacker realised s/he had been spotted, s/he launched a virus before logging off after his/her 40 minute session.

A disgruntled parent perhaps? But from Australia? Nah Bruce, just an advanced hacker routing his/her IP call around the world...