Pipex brings another ultra cheap broadband package to the market

Yet another sub-£10 broadband package has been launched, this time by Pipex. At £6.50 per month, it is cheap but you still have to buy the £12.50 Anytime Calls package and pay BT's Line rental.

Carphone Warehouse, which started the whole, ultra cheap revolution all by itself, is still the leader of that segment with an estimated 350,000 new customers since the Talktalk free broadband was launched.

It has become increasingly difficult for standalone broadband service providers to offer cheap broadband, which is one of the reasons why you will see more and more broadband service providers either get purchased by bigger companies (like Be's purchase by O2) or simply disappear, like e7even.

While free broadband is something good for the customer, it is fundamentally a distortion of how the real thing works. There is nothing free in the free broadband world.

Perhaps Charles Dunstone is trying to clear the broadband field by pushing smaller companies like Newnet out of the market.