McAfee marks a malware milestone

McAfee Avert Labs says that it has recorded the 200,000th index in its malware database - a milestone in IT security although, as the company says, not a happy one.

The IT security vendor's lab says that the event represents a 60 per cent decrease in the amount of time taken to double the number of threats in the database.

This is based on the fact that McAfee added the 100,000th threat to its database in September 2004.

Given that pattern, McAfee says it expects the 400,000th threat to be identified in less than two years.

Madness? Nope - Stuart McClure, the firm's senior vice president, says that although security awareness continues to improve, hackers and malicious code authors are releasing threats faster than ever before, with approximately 200 per cent more malicious threats per day than two years ago...