Secure Computing claims corporates are still leaving systems open

Research just completed by Secure Computing (the company, not the magazine -Ed) suggests that 49 per cent of major firms are failing to lock down their network using desktop firewalls.

The research, which took in responses from 227 IT professionals, also found that 20 per cent of firms do not have any form of end point security, effectively allowing hackers access to sensitive information from unprotected access points.

On top of all this, Secure Computing says that protecting the operating system by ensuring it has the latest available patches installed is a further area that needs improvement with over a third (37 per cent) of organisations failing to keep their operating systems up-to-date.

Andy Philpott, vice president of the firm, said that the survey has revealed that organisations still have a lot of work ahead of them to secure their information.

"Identity and access management is key to ensuring that people only have access to the information that they need and are authorised to use," he added.

You know what? I think the man's right...