Company blogs set to become more popular

Neo-official Company blogs are becoming more and more common. Companies sees them as a great and easy way to do their PR while enthusiasts, journalists and investors alike are very much on the edge and do not hesitate to comment.

Dell, the largest Computer manufacturer, has just joined the band and is doing particularly well. One2one readers have been entertained by Dell's Director of Global e-commerce, a Vice President of Engineering and the Director of Latitude Products.

Allowing employees to have a say and to express themselves without having to go through the PR or marketing department can be risky but it is a great way for a company to say that it trusts its employees.

The blog, like Dell showed particularly well, can also be used as a way to communicate new products and services to your potential and existing customers and get their feedback within hours.

There's an exhaustive list of Fortune 500 companies that have official and non-official blogs. Not surprisingly, most of them operate in the IT sector. Dell, Amazon, Ebay, Google and HP are amongst the most well-known.