Firefox browser shatters 20% barrier as market share increases

French research analysts, Xiti, published a survey of browsers used to access websites worldwide. The results show that Mozilla's Firefox increased its overall market share in Europe by 1% from 19.4% (April 06) to 20.4% (May 06).

Slovenia, Slovakia and Finland lead the European countries with more than 30% of the browser market while Firefox suffered a heavy slump in Croatia. Overall, Eastern countries have embraced the open source browser more than their Western counterparts.

As for UK, we are trailing the rest of Europe with only 12.1% of Internet users browsing with Firefox. One reason that might explain this: the percentage of Internet enthusiasts in UK (those who generally go beyond simple browsing and emailing) is lower than in the rest of Europe even if UK is near the top when it comes to the absolute number of people browsing the web.

Worldwide, Firefox usage decreased marginally in Africa but increased in the rest of the world. Australia, Northern America and Europe are the only parts of the world where Firefox has made the greatest inroads. Firefox remained under 10% elsewhere.