Open source used to make better malware, says Mc Afee

A researcher at McAfee said that hackers are embracing open source philosophy at large. They are apparently using techniques that are used by open source software developers all over the world.

This has been particularly striking in the case of bots. Bots are applications that allow hackers to remotely control computers that have been infected previously either through vulnerability or involuntarily by the computer user.

Dave Marcus, McAfee's Avert Labs security research and communications manager singles out the case of the team behind Agobot Malware which uses the open source Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) to improve the application.

On the other hand, reports that Greg Day who is working at the same security firm says that criminal operations based on malware production is increasingly becoming similar to dot-com start-ups.

Criminal entrepreneurs are skewing moral frontiers as they take crime to new levels of professionalism and apply managerial knowledge to their day to day "business", giving them a "competitive" edge on their rivals.