Crisp Thinking offers child Net protection

Crisp Thinking, a UK IT services company, reckons it has come up with a network layer protection system for ISPs that allows parents to monitor and control their kids' Internet access.

According to the Leeds-based firm, the Child Protection Gateway (CPG) is designed to be installed by ISPs and offers parents a simple way to monitor all the Internet traffic in their household.

The company says that, because the technology is installed at the network layer, it cannot be circumvented, as is the case with a PC-based system.

Crisp Thinking adds that the gateway authenticates each user, even from behind firewalls, and records all traffic, including full logging for Instant Messaging and chat traffic.

Reports are then compiled for each individual child, including the ability for a parent to be alerted by email or text message when a child enters into potentially dangerous conversations.

The system is currently being evaluated by two major ISPs and, says the company, is expected to go live via the ISPs in the late summer...