Beware unexpected PowerPoint files

I was interested to see Microsoft issuing a warning over PowerPoint files - apparently hackers have discovered a previously unknown flaw in PowerPoint that can, under certain conditions, allow a keylogger to be installed on the host PC.

The flaw exists, says Microsoft, on PowerPoint 2000, 2002 and 2003, and - wait for it - it won't be patched until August 8 at the earliest.

Microsoft says it will take it this long to develop a patch for the problem. In the meantime, Microsoft is recommending users to delete any PowerPoint files that arrive in their mailbox from untrusted sources.

Sophos, meanwhile, says that a rigged PowerPoint presentation with 18 slides and a keylogger, is already doing the rounds. The presentation is billed as containing humorous philosophy about love between men and women.

Ah, nudie pictures -Ed.

According to the IT security vendor, if the PowerPoint attachment is opened, the embedded Trojan executes a variant of Backdoor.Bifrose.E, a keystroke logger that is used to steal sensitive information and send it back to a remote server controlled by malicious hackers...