HSBC - weigh-hey on notes pay-ins

Paid a few hundred pounds into my business account with HSBC this lunchtime and was amazed to see the lady behind the counter weigh the munney, rather than count it.

Apparently it's quicker and more accurate this way, as it takes time to count the dosh up. In any case, the bank agreement allows the bank to adjust a credit upwards or downwards in the event that there is more (some hope -Ed) or less cash than on the pay-in slip.

Mind you, that isn't as bad as the fact that a cheque is not cleared irrevocably for between six and eight weeks on most UK bank accounts.

If you don't believe me, ask your bank how long a cheque takes to clear "for fate" - and then "without recourse and irrevocably" - you could be surprised at the answer you get...