Biggest IT Blunders Busted at Techrepublic

Techrepublic has a great article about an IT Pro talking about his nine biggest professional blunders. Ouch. We all have our minute of shame.

As an IT professional in a corporate setup, most of the mistakes involved backup or archiving, a living proof of Murphy's Law. Not only that things that might go wrong will go wrong, but they will do so in the most embarrassing and damaging way.

The article has been written anonymously but does provide you with a precious list of what to do and what to avoid doing like:

- Don't delete the Vice President's files without a backup.

- Avoid firms that don't support best practices.

- Don't go live on Demo software.

- Don't take backup for granted.

- Document, share and train

- Avoid creating documentation that you alone understand

- Do extend your authority in group works.

- Treat your colleagues sensibly.

- Take advantage of free training opportunities