Microsoft Windows XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs given green light

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs operating system for those reluctant to upgrade their older computers.

WinFLP is a Windows-based operating system designed for enterprise customers who have decided to stick with their legacy PCs .

Based on Microsoft Windows XP SP2, WinFLP does provide the same level of security and manageability while supporting the latest hardware. Indeed, compatibility problems are likely to happen due to the legacy hardware platform rather than the OS itself.

According to a Microsoft document, “Customers (other than Open Value customers) with Software Assurance Membership in the systems product pool are eligible for this benefit during the term of their Software Assurance coverage.

For each Windows Professional License covered under Software Assurance, customers are eligible to run Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs in place of either or both of their licensed copies of Windows Professional during the term of their Software Assurance coverage.”

Hence, rather than upgrading to the latest operating system, WinFLP will give you the ability to re-use your computer instead.