Scamsters target Sky TV subscribers

I had a taste of a real phone scam late yesterday, when an automated system rang the office line and asked if I subscribed to Sky satellite TV.

As I knew from previous reports on the Net it was a scam, I said yes.

The computerised system then asked if I had a multi-room system, to which I said no. The system then thanked me, and hung up the call.

What's likely to happen now is that I'll get a human voice call in about six days time, telling me my Sky account is unpaid, and could I please make a payment by credit card.

I think I shall have some fun and games if the ****ers decide to call me and attempt to extract a valid card number.

I have a pal who works in banking and they use a set of `lure' card numbers for use in fraud cases.

If these card numbers are used, all hell breaks loose and the police are called to the retail premises fairly pronto.

I'm going to enjoy this one...