eBay tackles piracy

I was pleased to see that eBay has finally stomped on most of the pirates that flog obviously dodgy software on the auction site.

At the tail end of last year, the sheer volume of pirated software was embarrassing.

But now a new form of software licence fraud has arrived - the sale of academic versions to all comers.

Academic versions are suppose to be sold purely to educational staff and their students, and offer software for as little as a quarter of the traditional price. A classic case is Windows XP, which can be had though my local University for around 25 quid.

The academic licence doesn't include a manual, and often doesn't come with a box. This makes it ideal to sell on eBay, and, as you prolly guessed, it also makes it easy to sell cloned copies of the legitimate academic software.

I wonder how long it will before Microsoft and the rest of the mainstream software vendors realise what's happening on eBay, now that the pirated software has all but disappeared?...