6% of U.S. Web Users Have Downloaded Podcasts, Says Nielsen Analytics

More than 6% of U.S adults, or about 9 million web users, have downloaded podcasts in the past 30 days, according to The Economics of Podcasting, a report released today by Nielsen Analytics, part of VNU's Media Measurement & Information Group.

About 6% of respondents described themselves as regular podcast downloaders -- more than 75% of whom were male. The findings show that a significant percentage, approximately 38%, of active podcast downloaders say they are listening to radio less often.

The Economics of Podcasting is the latest in a series of reports from Nielsen Analytics on the ‘uber-media consumers’ who lead the media industry in terms of trends and technology.

Amongst the key findings, the most chilling one – at least for advertisers - is the fact that 60% of respondents surveyed said they ‘always’ fast forward past commercials in their podcasts. Women were more likely to fast forward than men, with 67%.