Ohloh Announces a Public Beta of Its Open Source Information Service

Ohloh announced the Public Beta of its new service. Ohloh's open source information service provides the most current software metrics and project information on open source software projects.

With this information prospective users of open source software can objectively determine what offering is right for them.

Ohloh collects hard project information from the project's source code and the source control system used by the project's development team. It constantly indexes open source projects so that Ohloh users have the latest information available on the projects that they view.

The system also provides a quick summary of how a project's metrics compare with other open source projects. It makes search easier, allowing users to search categories and projects quickly and reliably.

All of Ohloh's information is collected automatically. If a user suggests a new project, Ohloh can quickly get that project on the system and Ohloh actually indexes hundreds of open source projects every week.