Europe now a top source of spam

The latest stats from Marshal's TRACE (Threat Research and Content Engineering) service claims to show that Europe has taken over from the US as the world's major source of spam.

Europe, it seems accounted for 36.6 per cent of all spam email during two weeks of July, compared to Asia with 30.7 and North America with 21.3 per cent of spam.

Marshal says that, despite the fact that China and the USA are individually guilty of producing the largest volumes of spam, when viewed by continent a different picture emerges.

The firm adds that six European nations - France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany and the UK - consistently occupy half the places in lists of the top twelve spamming countries, putting Europe at the top of the spam leaderboard.

Ed Macnair, Marshal's CEO, said that it's common knowledge that China and the US are the two countries pumping out the greatest volumes of spam, but what's less well understood is that six European countries are together responsible for almost 40 per cent of the world's total spam output...