F%$*ing Bl*%&dy Spam

According to various statistics, roughly 73%-77% of all email in 2004 was considered to be SPAM. 2005 wasn’t any better and Symantec currently have a document for SPAM statistics in May 2005

I don’t know what you think of statistics but today I received over 250 crap emails, 10 of which were legitimate. I’d actually like to use the work ‘f***ing’ but as many of you know I don’t say the word f*** except in its proper context but it does seem inappropriately appropriate to describe how I feel about the whole issue.

With businesses in the US alone losing an estimated $4 billion last year in lost productivity time it is no wonder that I am not alone in hating spam.

So whilst Nigel is on hols – I’m hijacking his Application Security blog to focus on SPAM and beating the little buggers – normal service will resume when he gets back. I’m pretty damn sure those bloody spammers will now double the amount of emails to me after I’ve written this series but what the hell!