Google Searches for Malware

Reports recently pointed to the previously hidden malware search capabilities within Google that were heralded as a tool reserved only for Anti Virus and Security Research firms just weeks ago.

Unfortunately, these previously hidden search capabilities have already fallen into the hands of hackers.

The key to finding malware in Google lies in having the signature for the specific malware program. Hackers are now sharing these signatures openly on the Internet, making it easy to search Google for the signature of a specific piece of malware.

Web sites now catalog these signatures and allow users to simply enter the malware program name and they return the signature for the malware from their database. Users of these signature catalogs are encouraged to submit new malware so the site owners can quickly generate a signature for the malware for their community of users.

‘Why bother creating a new virus, worm or Trojan when you can simply find one and download it using Google,’ said an anonymous source.

‘Unskilled hackers can use this previously unknown capability of Google to download malware and release it on the Internet in targeted attacks as if they wrote it themselves to try to impress their peers with their skills.’