House of Lords to Investigate Internet Security

The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology has appointed a Sub-Committee, chaired by Lord Broers, to investigate Personal Internet security. The members will include Lord Howie of Troon, Lord Mitchell, Lord Patel, Lord Paul, Lord Sutherland of Houndwood and Lord Young of Graffham.

The inquiry invites evidence on security issues affecting private individuals when using communicating computer-based devices, either connecting directly to the Internet, or employing other forms of inter-connectivity. With the ever growing use of home computers, the spread of broadband, and the rise in internet banking and commerce the importance of proper internet security measures has never been greater. The inquiry will provide the first in depth Parliamentary study of an issue that will be of ever increasing importance to the public, business and Government.

The Committee are inviting evidence on a range of issues to do with personal internet security. Members are keen to receive evidence from members of the public who have had direct experience of problems with internet security.