Mobile Videos go Online with Launch of SelfcastTV

Millions of UK mobile phone users will finally have something to do with their videos thanks to SelfcastTV which have introduced a super-fast video share site that lets users text their videos straight to the site.

And it's not just for mobile phone users - anyone with a PC can head to and get their mini-movies online and see a fair number of people in a matter of minutes.

With a simple registration process and a 3-step upload system; SelfcastTV wants to grab a fair share of the UK market where it competes with Youtube and Google Videos.

The service allows you to quickly and easily upload your video content to the site, from your mobile phone or PC so they can be searched and viewed by other users.

SelfcastTV users can also create their own channel to select and view their favourite videos and can even use the MovieMode feature to combine their selected footage into one continuous video.

What makes SelfcastTV stand out from the crowd is that our users can upload footage straight to the site with a simple text message. Unlike other popular video sharing sites, SelfcastTV is a UK site, built specifically for the UK market.

Users can also embed their video files into other websites such has My Space, Ebay, Xanga and