ntl:Telewest and Virgin Mobile Launch Free TV Offer and the UK's First Quad-Play Deal

ntl:Telewest today announced that it will offer free TV to any new fixed line phone customer. The company also announced that it is launching the UK's first 'quad-play' package of TV, broadband, fixed line and mobile phone services. Both offers will be launched this quarter.

The offer, designed to match Sky’s recent free broadband offer, includes, Free digital TV service for all home phone customers, Free for life of subscription, Compatible with high definition TV services and personal video recorder as well as No hidden installation or connection charges

ntl:Telewest claims that the new Quad Play deal is superior to Freeview and enables all subscribers access to advanced next generation services including some that even Sky can't match, like video-on-demand.

In addition, customers can upgrade to higher level TV packages anytime they want although there’s no indication that this will be free.

Consumers who include broadband in their package will benefit from ntl:Telewest's next generation, fibre-rich network, rather than having to depend on BT's copper network, The speed of ntl:Telewest's broadband service, unlike ADSL technology, is not dependent on the distance from the telephone exchange.