Print yourself a rail ticket

Taking a leaf out of Deutsche Bahn, the German rail network, Midland Mainline is now trialling a print-at-home rail ticket service to punters wanting to travel from Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, etc., to London (and return) using its six quid a ticket service.

The service uses Adobe Acrobat to print out the tickets, which are allocated to a specific train and seat number.

Will this stop fraud? I doubt it, as when I travel on cheapie tickets to London, I rarely sit in my designated seat, as the wretched system always seems to put me in seats I don't like.

Midland Mainline is taking no chances on the fraud front, however, as it's printing the passenger's name on the ticket as well.

Mwahahahaaha - they obviously haven't thought about Adobe editing software. Or scanners. Or photocopiers.

The company's audit team want shooting...