Trojans dominant in the first half year says Sophos

Figures released by Sophos claim to show that trojans were by far and away the major problem for PC users during the first half of the year.

In addition, says Graham Cluley (for it is he -Ed), the company's senior technology consultant, the malware figures for the Apple Mac suggest that home PC users would do well to consider getting a Mac in place of their next Windows system.

The vast majority of malware, he says, continues to be written for Windows, and while the first malware for Mac OS X was seen in February 2006, it has not spread in the wild and has not heralded an avalanche of malicious code aimed at Macs.

"Hackers seem happy to primarily target Windows users and not spread their wings to other platforms. It seems likely that Macs will continue to be the safer place for computer users for some time to come - something that home users may wish to consider if they're deliberating about the next computer they should purchase," he said.

Oh dear Graham - resurrecting the old Mac versus Windows PC battle is NOT a good idea...