Google Adword ain't cheap

Had a chat with a pal that has, er, branched out in the high-end escort business in London, charging punters anywhere between 150 and 400 quidlets an hour for the company of a young lady or bloke.

Ah good - no sexual bias there then -Ed

I was amazed to hear him say his new business is turning over around 200,000 grand a year, but equally amazed to hear that it's costing him around $3,000 a month to be in the top three on Google when it comes to keyword searching!

Coupled with the fact that the boys and girls on his books get 50 per cent of the hourly rates, I can almost believe him when he tells me that the business is just ticking over.

Mind you, he does have a really good Web site that is. as you might have guessed, secure against hackers, malware and that sort of thing...