MIT prepares another ace for the Open Source community

Another potential candidate for Open Source stardom is the Starlogo TNG modelling software.

Although a slightly older version is Open Source, the latest version isn’t however the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hinted that this may change in the future.

‘StarLogo TNG is The Next Generation of StarLogo modelling and simulation software which you can download here but you should register first.

While this version holds true to the premise of StarLogo as a tool to create and understand simulations of complex systems, it also brings with it several advances.

Available both for Mac and Windows, Starlogo Preview 3 has a few exciting features including:

• 3D models in MD3 (Quake 3) and OBJ formats

• Terrain editor for designing levels

• Joystick and keyboard inputs

• 1st and 3rd person views

• ‘Say’ bubbles to communicate text

• Easy, yet powerful and innovative visual programming language.