PayPal unveils plans to counteract Google Checkout

Paypal has unveiled plans that purport to counteract the Google Checkout solution. The Ebay company is working with Zimmerman Advertising to help brand marketers integrate PayPal Mobile into their advertising and marketing campaigns.

PayPal Mobile is a text message-based service that allows consumers in the US and Canada to send money anytime, from anywhere, using their mobile telephones. No plans for an European launch have been announced yet.

It allows users to send money, purchase items or donate to charities from their mobile devices. Using PayPal Mobile's "Text to Buy" service, consumers can buy things instantly, such as CDs, DVDs, shoes and apparel, by sending product codes via text message.

Already, companies like 20th Century Fox, Nike, L'Oreal, MTV, and the NBA are offering items for purchase with Text to Buy. PayPal Mobile also enables users to Text to Give to charities such as The Magic Johnson Foundation and UNICEF.