Tighter, easier monitoring of web access needed for children, says industry expert

The internet industry needs to provide better controls over web content for parents with children on the net, says industry expert, Adam Hildreth.

With reports of illegal content still on the increase, technology needs to be improved to protect children, and to give parents an easier way of monitoring activity.

The report issued today by the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) shows a 24% increase in reports of illegal sites and images over the same period last year, the majority being hosted in USA, Russia and Japan.

"This report should set alarm bells ringing at ISPs", said Adam Hildreth, "In their frustration, parents are increasingly pointing the finger at ISPs and chat room hosts for not providing adequate controls.

The technology exists, but ISPs have been slow to take it on. Litigation has started against the industry in the US, and the UK won't be far behind."