Who’s Got the Best Spam Filter????

For those of you who are knew to spam filters here are some links to lab tested reviews.

However lab tested reviews are one thing but what about you guys put there who are using these things every day. I don’t expect many people to comment here but I thought I’d ask the question anyway – who’s got the best spam filter?

If we get over twenty comments from different people then I’m sure I can get our publisher to donate a special no-prize or summink – I can’t say what the prize will be as our esteemed publisher has gone on holiday somewhere hot.

We’ll probably phone up the supplier of your spam filter and see if we can get you another free copy for home or free whatever from them. Anyway we’re looking for who you think has the best SPAM filter and why.

In addition, when you post your comment, please let us know why it beats any other SPAM filter you’ve tried before.

PS We’re also tracking IP addresses so no tricks ok! Oh alright if you’ve gone to the trouble to post twenty times about different SPAM filters we’ll allow it…but only in this case.