IT Professionals satisfied with their current situation, says survey

Dice Inc. announced the results of the first Dice Tech Appeal Index, a semi-annual survey of professionals from the technology industry that gauges the overall interest in working in the IT field as compared to other industries.

The survey found the technology career path to have strong appeal among technology professionals, based partially upon their high levels of job satisfaction, with an overwhelming 94 percent of those surveyed reporting satisfaction with their current positions.

The drivers for the high satisfaction report include; job enjoyment (40 percent), good pay (34 percent), ’liking’ their field (34 percent), and the ability to be creative (23 percent). The survey also found

•A high likelihood of tech professionals recommending their field to others (88 percent).

•That technology professionals understand the value of keeping their skills up-to-date, with 82 percent ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ concerned with this issue

•Only 41 percent are concerned with their job being outsourced and 37 percent are concerned about being laid off due to budget cuts.