Win4Lin Pro Now Available for Linspire Platform

Win4Lin, desktop and enterprise Windows-on-Linux solutions provider, announced that the company's Win4Lin Pro product would now be compatible with Linspire Five-0 and is available, along with the Win4Lin 9x product, immediately in the Linspire CNR Warehouse.

Users have become increasingly frustrated with the costs, the restrictions and the lack of security in their Windows environments. Until recently, users have had to endure the shortcomings of Windows as there seemed to be no viable alternatives.

Though Linux has quickly emerged as the most viable alternative to the desktop status quo, there are countless legacy Windows applications that are not available natively on Linux, and in many cases, probably never will be.

Win4Lin Pro actually represents one of the easier ways to run these Windows applications on home, small office computers or legacy application servers .

It also allows businesses which are ready to migrate to the stability, security and affordability of Linspire desktop Linux, but still need one or two legacy Windows applications, to begin their migration forward.